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Many children suffer from eating disorders, food aversions, and swallowing difficulties, which can result in stressful mealtimes and nutritional deficiencies. At Playstream we provide a step-by-step feeding program which can be used by even the youngest toddlers.  Through creative play and conversation, our program encourages children to try new and different foods, thus decreasing the stress commonly associated with mealtimes.


  • Does not like to eat certain foods
  • Weight gain is insufficient
  • If the child vomits, gags, or spits out food or drink when eating,
  • Fights frequently during mealtimes
  • By the age of twelve months, the child has difficulty transitioning from purees to solids
  • By the age of 18 months, the child has not weaned off baby food
  • Specific textures or nutrition groups are avoided or disliked
  • Unlike the rest of the family, he/she does not eat the same meals as everyone else
  • During mealtimes, the child melts down or cries
  • Limits or restricts his or her intake of food (less than 20 foods)

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